Christian Reza

Web3 Go-to-Market Advisor for Strategy, Brand and Product Positioning, Messaging, Marketing, and Growth

What I Do

High-level strategic. Hands-on tactical.

For 8+ years, I've worked with small tech startups and large enterprise brands to make the complex, simple and the uninteresting, interesting.First, I dive into your business strategy, goals, and competitive landscape.Then, I perform qualitative and quantitative market research, working collaboratively with your team, to analyze our findings.Once analysis is complete, I define or refine brand positioning, messaging, value propositions, personas, and customer journey.Then, I assess the overall marketing funnel for areas to improve. I leverage technologies (like AI) to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the existing marketing system.Finally, I guide your marketing team through go-to-market strategy and successful launch. Over time, I will identify campaign optimizations, content improvements, community engagement, and other growth opportunities....And that's it.Smooth sailing and giant bags of money.

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Christian Reza

Marketing Director at Noves

TL;DRBottom line: I'm a results-driven web3 marketing leader committed to strong brand strategy, team collaboration, and efficient marketing systems.My approach is designed to drive brand activation, community engagement, and long-term growth (not hype) via hands-on, tactical marketing.- Brand: Positioning, Messaging, Persona
- Community: Engagement, Gamification
- Content: Social Media, PR/Podcast, Blog
- Partnership: Development, Co-Marketing
- Digital: SEO, PPC, Analytics, Automation


My full web3 and marketing portfolio spans over 8 years of work, but, as I am still building out my website, check out some of the more recent campaigns I've launched. These include go-to-market strategy, brand and product positioning, community marketing and growth, digital advertising, content, and more.



I was contracted to assist Meta's team with persona development for content creators and go-to-market strategy for their Horizon Worlds metaverse platform.For persona development, I provided first-hand insights on content creators in the metaverse and performed qualitative analysis within my own web3 communities to further understand sentiment, motivations, value props, pain points, and more.Go-to-market included mapping out future NFT activations, VR headset pricing strategy, metaverse land and content creation, B2B applications, and more.


Voicesense is a voice analytics SaaS startup that was in need of a brand refresh and product launch marketing campaign.For this project, I performed qualitative analysis (both internally and externally) to gather insights on personas, value propositions, pain points, pricing strategy, customer journey, and more.A new brand architecture was established with 3 core child brands — Voicesense Business, Health, and Social. The marketing campaign included PR and programmatic display for brand and product awareness, and Linkedin lead gen to drive conversions.



Many crypto exchanges have the challenge of their communities becoming too reward-driven — meaning their users and community members only show up with the expectation of receiving prizes, money, or other rewards based on participation or winning.Although this behavior is not all bad, my role was to advise on a community strategy that introduced activities supporting brand and relationship-driven behavior.This included community-lead threads and sub-channels on new product ideas, partnership suggestions, local events, gaming meetups, Secret Santa, and more.


This project was a one-off strategic session to assess effectiveness and areas to improve for Pinterest's advertising platform, and then, to discuss ideas, opportunities, and the competitive landscape for Pinterest to enter the web3 space via NFTs.At the time, Instagram had just announced that they would be enabling NFTs on platform. As discussed with Pinterest, without going into details, their platform is uniquely positioned to do a similar NFT activation for creators, which will drive growth and allow Pinterest to regain market share.




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Co-Chair, Web3 Chapter
Nonprofit for Utah Tech and Business


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Web3 Community for Marketers and Agency Professionals


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DAO Member
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Strategy + Content Guilds
Global Marketing Network and Product Studio

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